The Six Things daily website and email delivery service has been developed to entertain, inform and intrigue recipients in a simple yet content-rich format, providing an image and accompanying text for six subjects each day.

Our editorial team are dedicated to selecting and presenting six daily items, which will all be of general interest and perhaps be the prompt for a more in-depth exploration of the subject chosen by the reader by a click to our full-page display of that item.

We anticipate our viewers giving a quick two-or-three-minute look at each day’s content as it arrives in their inbox, and perhaps spending a little more time on particular items that especially interest them.

All the items will remain viewable on the home website and thus able to be revisited, either during the day of posting, or later in our archive.


We’re selecting from a range of subject areas/topics into which each of our six posts fits. These will vary over time, but will cover some of the following categories:

Work of Art, People, Inventions, Words and Phrases, History, Science, Places, Animal, Event, Natural Wonder, Nostalgia, Myth & Legend.

Individual items in these categories will be selected on a variety of criteria, including their interest, relevance, topicality, pleasure and ability to offer some delight, distraction and diversion from everyday pressures and stresses.

Stay up-to-date

Each day’s selection will appear on the 6Things.online website from midnight and remain on our homepage for the following 24 hours.

Subscribers for our free email service will receive a daily alert in their inbox during the early morning, providing a direct connection to the six items, viewable on a desktop or mobile device.

We hope that people will see the pleasure of having the Six Things experience as part of their daily activities as a moment of enjoyment and light relief, and perhaps the prompt to further interest in the topics featured with the facility to share the experience with friends through a simple invitation to obtain a free subscription themselves.

Our content

We are proud members of the Creative Commons non-profit network, which means we are happy for our postings to be shared legally free of charge for non-commercial use, and to support the Wikipedia approach to information curation and dissemination, providing appropriate links wherever suitable, particularly to not-for-profit and independent sources dedicated to knowledge sharing and dissemination on the subjects covered.

We strive hard to ensure all our content is accurate, legal and unlikely to cause offence. We are always ready to correct errors or amend or improve wordings. We cannot, however, be responsible for the absolute veracity of items we publish, or their compatibility with viewers’ individual personal preferences or tastes.

The Six Things project does not provide for discussion or feedback about the content used, other than on the above basis of receiving suggestions for necessary improvements to items posted.

We use our best efforts to ensure that we do not use any material which is copyright protected.